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The Tangerine Dream: Refinishing the Retronix R-800

I got a great deal on one of the first Retronix R-800s — the Korean-made models of J. Backlund‘s designs — thanks to Kickstarter. Fantastic look, very comfortable neck and body contours, trem bridge with coil-tapped humbuckers — extremely well built … Continue reading

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Operation House it Going: Welcome to Sunkist Manor

Kat and I have been slowly saving for a house for years. We have moved eight times — as our jobs and offices relocated, so did we — and each time, that sapped more of our savings. We aren’t wasteful; we … Continue reading

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Three Answers to Impossible Gaming Questions

I wrote this editorial back in 2011 for One of Swords and just found it again. Now that the sun has set on 1oS, I’d like to post it here in hopes it might do more good. I get a … Continue reading

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Operation House It Going

For our impending 20th anniversary, Kat and I want to finally own our own home, so Operation House It Going is underway. We have a mortgage broker, a real estate agent, and excellent credit, but not enough money for a … Continue reading

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Dan’s tips for social media success

People have asked me if I plan to write a book about being a community manager and using social media to follow up Critical Path. Nope. Critical Path came from leveraging 15 years of experience, after which I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Every one of your stupid complaints about the Ghostbusters reboot, shot down in flames

So, new Ghostbusters project is finally getting off the ground. It’s a reboot with a female cast, from Bridesmaids director Paul Feig. Naturally, the internet lost its shit. I saw a lot of moaning, criticisms, and prejudgments, and conveniently, most … Continue reading

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My PAX Prime 2014 schedule

Yes, I’ll be there! So will Kat! FRIDAY 8/29 | 8:00PM – 9:00PM | HEDGEHOG Game Show Night: Jeopardy! This…is…Jeopardy! Well, no it’s not – since all the answers and questions are going to be about gaming and geek culture, … Continue reading

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Jethro Tull, Metallica, and the 1989 Grammys: The Last Word

Someone recently brought up Jethro Tull’s win over Metalllica at the 31st Annual Grammy Awards as a way to discredit Grammys. I think there are many more valid reasons to discredit the Grammy Awards. But the reality of the Jethro … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Nearly-Broadband House

Whenever Kat and I talk about the house we will one day own — that is, the house we hope to buy once we get off the rental treadmill — we have agreed that one necessity is that the entire place … Continue reading

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My PAX East 2014 schedule

It’s almost time for PAX East 2014, and despite the upheaval in my personal and professional life, I will be there! Here’s where you can find me in Boston starting April 11: 

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