Where can I buy posters or reproductions of Kit Williams’ paintings?

Unfortunately, there are no prints currently available of Kit’s paintings–I think we’d all love to buy poster-sized reproductions of some of Kit’s Masquerade artwork! However, there was a small promotional poster made of measuring roughly 16″ x 18″. These were apparently only released in the UK and sometimes show up on eBay (that’s where I got mine), often as a bundle with the book. More interestingly, Anthony Greenwood writes in to say, “My wife has a print of one of his paintings – she acquired this when she went to see an exhibition of his works at the Harris Library in Preston, Lancashire. Kit Williams was present at the exhibition and he signed and dated the print. My wife then had it mounted on a wooden board. The picture depicts a lady asleep in the grass with flowers growing out of her, a comb lies near her head; in the background there are undulating fields. Besides several bees, there is also a hidden elephant in the background.” Kit fans will recognize this as “The Death of Spring” from Untitled. I have no idea how many of these were made or what they would be worth now, but clearly, they exist, so…happy hunting.

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