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Warning: Freak
Lepus Lepidus
The personal blog that you just can't bring yourself to care about.

Close by Ampthill
Kit Williams & Masquerade
The solution to one of the most celebrated puzzles, explained and illustrated.

The Poker Table
Another "you did what?" project from Kat & Dan.

Who ya gonna call?
Bay Area Ghostbusters
Photos, props, and other goodies from my obsessive fandom.

Halloween Archive
Playing dress-up for fun and occasionally profit.

He's on fire!
NBA Maximum Hangtime
More than you ever wanted to know about one of my favorite arcade games.

Six-string samurai
The Guitarchive
All my gear, past and present.

Bees don't glow!
Edge of Darkness
The radio drama Kat and I created in college--two years before Sliders...

You'll puke too
Tattoo Assassins
It's a dreadful fighting game that never existed. Almost. Here's proof.

Justice prevails
The Xbox 360 Waiting in Line Diary
Sleep deprivation and hardcore gaming collide in a tale of scum and villainy.

Yes, there is a reason
What's With the Ears?
The whole sordid story, complete with incriminating photographs.

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