Between waking and dreaming, there lies an edge...

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An original five-part radio drama by Auch 'n Amrich

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The Edge of Darkness was a student project done in 1993 at Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY. With the advent of MP3s, the show lives again! It's not necessarily very good, but hey, it's free.

It took about nine months to get Edge of Darkness from concept to broadcast--every facet of which was handled by students--and it was a huge and humbling learning experience. Unfortunately, you can hear a lot of the learning experiences in the project itself--uneven performances, too many clichés, and numerous technical problems. We learned from the mistakes, but we couldn't fix them in time to save the patient. So bear that in mind--it don't sound fantastic, but at least it was honest.

Edge of Darkness exists in MP3 form (five episodes plus an outtakes reel) and can be downloaded right here. Feel free to check it out. Be warned, though, it’s about 115MB.

That said, any feedback, good or bad, is gratefully appreciated. It's been five years since anybody heard Edge of Darkness, and Kat and I are still curious to know what people think about the project. Feel free to criticize, praise, nitpick, compliment, and question. Send all your feedback to dan at playrecordpaws dot com.

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