Dan's Mostly Maximum Hangtime Shrine
(with some stuff on NBA Jam and its legacy too)

Last update: Saturday, January 11, 2003
Changes: Hot Spots code found by Alex & Robert Meijer! See Secret Players & Codes page

Howdy. Like a lot of video game junkies, I've always wanted my own coin-operated arcade machine. Through a good deal of luck, I finally got an NBA Jam cabinet in December 1999 and immediately upgraded it to NBA Maximum Hangtime. I quickly found there was precious little info available online about Maximum Hangtime--sure, you can get N64 codes for the original game until your face turns blue, but what about stuff that was specific to the arcade upgrade? This site will attempt to fill that admittedly tiny void, plus offer some history on the Midway basketball game series for current and future fans. Call it a Hangtimecapsule...

I should warn you that this is primarily devoted to the arcade version of Hangtime and not the home versions. You might find stuff interesting and useful anyway, but this site's got a specific purpose, so...well, you're warned. :)

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Special thanks to Mark Turmell and Sal Divita for their help, patience, and generosity; to original Hangtime FAQ author Carl Chavez; to Matt Willson for creating the flaming basketball graphic; to the gang at GamePro for helping me move the machine; and to my wife Kat for letting me bring the damned thing in the house.