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The Edge of Darkness Cast & Crew List

Edge of Darkness was a group effort--everybody worked long and hard, and it was extra weird because the directors were friends and peers. Sincere thanks to everybody who made EoD a reality.

Brian, a cynic John Munyan
Jess, a dreamer Christine Decker
Kim, a sexpot Rebecca Soulette
Sandy, a debutante Jamie Jamitkowski
Alex, a goofball Brian "Ducky" Turner
DB, a vigilante
Dennis, a burly villager
Douglas Snyder
Maxine, one bad chick Mara Fruiterman
Ninnian, a loving wife
Death, a reaper
Officer, a policewoman
Lisel Gorell
Louie, a crime boss
Villager, a witchburer
Chris Esslinger
Bradley, a doorman
Marcus, a drunken henchman
Gareth, a merchant
Groom, a stable master
Pianist, a musician
Jay Bogdanowitsch
Nancy, a British child Alicia Snieder
Dave, a poor parental figure
Guard, a guard
Timothy, a priest
Greg "Lucky" Stout
Duncan, an innkeeper Duncan Bachen
Wench, a waitress Michelle Broccoli
Joey, a guitarist Joe Iadanza
Announcer, an announcer Tom Lawrence

Staffer, a casino employee
Katrin Auch
DJ, a radio DJ
Larry, a mopey roommate
Barry, a tacky lounge singer
Dan Amrich
Production Assistant Sunshine Brown
Engineer/Board Op Chris Fleming
Sound Designer Larry Koret
Sound Crew
Hostess, a hotel employee
Joanna Staub
Piano Accompaniment
Joseph Olaferowicz
Lounge Backup Singers
Kim Westin (soloist)
Christy Manso