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The Edge of Darkness Script Archive

I was always happier with the script of Edge of Darkness than I was with the final production. When it works, it works very well--and when it doesn't, it flops horribly. Yes, the story is chock full of clichés, but in a way, they were familiar milestones along the way. If for some reason you really dig Edge of Darkness and want to read the scripts, feel free to download them. The second version was revised to eliminate most of episode one's dragging backstory, and it's probably how we'd do it if we did it again. Which we won't.

Download the "Old" Edge of Darkness
Five half-hour episodes, as originally recorded (five RTF files in .ZIP archive)

Download the "New" Edge of Darkness
Two one-hour episodes, as revised in June 1993 for ART competition (two RTF files in .ZIP archive)

If by some miracle you decide to put on your own production of EoD, please let us know. We'll grant permission in a heartbeat; we just wanna know about it.