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The Edge of Darkness Character Briefs

Kat originally drew these up as guidlines for the actors and for Dan's half of the scripting. I'll try to dig up some photos of the cast members.

Brian (played by John Munyan)
On the whole, the most reasonable of the group. Brian's imaginative with good leadership qualities, but has a tendency to become obsessed. He is extremely sensitive and easily hurt, and hides this with a more than healthy dose of cynicism. Not well known for his looks, he takes pride in his ability to entertain, and seeks out as many new ways to entertain as possible. Likes being in the spotlight, which causes conflict with Alex. He has a biting sense of humor and a way with computers. He often "escapes" into the video world. A very talented individual who can, on occasion, develop an overinflated ego. One of his softer sides is that he is a romantic. He is involved in a long term relationship with Jess. They complement each other well and are happy. This tends to make the others ill. Brian does not always like to be reminded of his softer side, however. He prefers playing the cynic.

Jess (played by Christine Decker)
Overconfident and insecure at the same time, Jess prides herself on being logical and self sufficient. She's used to being a source of advice and a mother figure. Mildly opinionated. Not great at first impressions--she does not make friends easily, but, like the Taurus she is, she has a few close friends to whom she is extremely loyal. She has a quick wit and tongue. She doesn't fit into any of the typical molds and stopped trying to a long time ago. Coming from a small town, she was considered an oddball and grew used to being alone (but not happy about it). Spent a good deal of time immersed in books and other activies that allowed her some form of escape. Goal oriented without being an "A" type personality. She has good leadership abilties and will assume control when she she deems it necessary--which does not always make her popular. She will often butt heads with Sandy, and she is a challenge to Brian. They understand each other and work well together.

Sandy (played by Jamie Jamitkowski)
Considered by most people to be Mr. Perfect, Sandy is good looking, smart, talented, funny, athletic (but not a jock) and has money. He also has multiple personalities--in groups he can be arrogant and abrasive with a bitter wit, but is low key, humble and even sensitive one-on-one. Sandy can also be Mr. Charm. He becomes obsessed with things that allow him to roleplay--paintball, graphic novels, etc. He can lead in activities that excite him, but too often he is lazy and lets others do the work. He does not use his money to try and influence people, he would rather people liked him (or didn't like him) for his personal qualities. He hides himself behind larger than life characters, trying to find himself.

Kim Warner (played by Rebecca Soulette)
Pretty and well-endowed, she is often considered to be an air head or bimbo by those who don't know her. Her friends know her to be intelligent, funny, and very down to earth. She has a sparkling/bubbling personality and always seems to be happy. She is more of a follower than a leader, but works hard to get things done. She will seem harmless and then "score a hit" when you least expect it. Her wicked sense of humor and fun make being around her exciting. She has had a very happy childhood and close family life. She appears to be very happy-go-lucky and can flow with events, but if something happens to crack the surface, she dissolves. She does have inner strength, but it has never been tested, so she doesn't know that it's there--and fears that it may not be.

Alex (played by Brian Turner)
On the outside, Alex can be accurately described as a cartoon character. Tall and goofy looking, Alex treats life as one long stand up routine. He does not exist to himself unless he is performing. He is fun to be around but extremely fragile inside. He has a girlfriend at home, who he believes he loves. He has made her out to be perfect in his mind, but he doesn't really know her. He also seeks out as many other relationships as possible, particularly with Kim. He needs the security of having someone to lean on. He grew up with a close group of friends, who would make their own reality to suit them. Many of the activies they engaged in were mildly illegal. He come from a split home, but his family is not at all hurting for money. He is constantly running scams or stealing. Most of his posessions are "hot." He can never hold a job or stay in one place for long. He is never happy where he is, although this isn't apparent on the surface, and only recogonizes contentment in retrospect. He always seems happy, but could be one step from severe depression. The others may be disgusted by his behavior or angry with him, but will usually forget their reasons when he is present. A prideful, talented, funny, and disturbed individual.