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Ghostbusters logo as Windows wallpaper

I scanned and cleaned this basic "no-ghost" logo on a black background and sized it to my 1024x768 Windows desktop. This .ZIP contains a .BMP--unzip and stick it in your Windows directory, and you're in business with a big ol' GB desktop.

Ghostbusters logo as vector EPS

Our good pal Matt Willson also created special Adobe Illustrator/vector EPS versions of the Ghostbusters logo. These will come in handy if you need something professionally printed--like, say, magnets for the side of your car, or t-shirts, or whatever. You'll need at least Illustrator 5 to view them. There are multiple versions of the file in this .ZIP archive--two EPS files with either a white background or no background at all, a version of the logo on a black background, and Matt's master work file. But if you don't have a specific need for vector-based EPS versions of the logo, you can skip this download--it won't do ya no good.

Ghostbusters skin for The Sims

As experienced players of The Sims know, when a Sim dies, you'll sometimes see their ghost haunt the house or the local graveyard. And while there's a maid to help you tidy the house and a repairman to help you fix things, well, when the spooks come out...who ya gonna call? Install this custom Sims skin into your GameData/Skins directory, and you can dress your light-skinned, medium-build male Sims in proper GB attire. Click on the pic to download.

Monster Truck Madness 2

Chris Sutor's Ectomobile for Monster Truck Madness 2

Is this sick or what? :) Designed by Chris "Cobalt" Sutor, this is an awesome recreation of the Ectomobile, designed for the serious off-roadin' of Microsoft's Monster Truck Madness 2. (Click on the photo for a larger view.)

Cobalt says: "It took about a month... I used a very basic 3D program called binedit. It was designed specifically to edit MTM2 models...it was slow working. I had to plot the model one vertex point at a time and build each individual face." Insane...and incredible!

Installation instructions:

  • Locate pod.ini file in your MTM2 directories
  • Open pod.ini in a text editor
  • Add boo.pod to the top of the list. Note: "Boo" is the name of the car model, not "Ecto." If you want the siren to work when you hit the horn, boo.pod must be the first car on the list.
  • Save pod.ini
  • Start MTM2

And there's more good news for owners of Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit! Sez Cobalt: "Someone released a patch that would convert MTM2 models into NFS3 models. After that, it was just a matter of fiddling with NFS3's performance specs. I put normal sized-tires on the NFS3 version." That'll be online soon.

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