"Hey, Where Do These Stairs Go?"

Hotspots for In-The-Know Ghostbusters

Chad Paulson's Ghostbusters Central now carries the torch passed by Bill Emkow's awesome Ghostbusters Homepage. This is the place to go for daily, rabid Ghostbusters conversation and information. Check out the excellent, high-traffic UBB message board, the reference net, the auctions, the photo gallery, and all the other goodies.

You want to build your own GB props? Sucker! Lucky for you, Norm "Paranorman" Gagnon has created and uploaded blueprints so fans could make their own packs from scratch. We followed them closely...mostly. You'll find them as well as a hell of a lot of prop-making information over at The Proton Lab. You simply won't believe the details that Ghostheads sweat when it comes to this stuff...

Also, check out The Ghosbusters Props Archive, which is the best collection of fan-made GB props around. Ectoman has a nice selection of photos sent in by geeks like me (and yes, there are a lot of my geeky photos there--many of which are not even on this site) as proof that I am NOT alone in this...

Bored? Check out my personal homepage at www.bunnyears.net. Just, you know, if you're curious. :)

"Are You A God?"

Special Thanks to Deserving Parties

The prop project would not have been completed without the help of the following people:

Kat Auch, Goddess of the Glue Gun and all-around project director against her will. She did an insane amount of work--creating patterns, cutting wood, gluing boxes together, designing the warning labels, taking photos (most of what you see on the site was snapped by her), shooting video, and generally sacrificing her weekends. At least half of everything that needed to be done, she did, so they're really her packs; we just wear 'em. She's awesome.

Bissy Eddy, Queen of the Cake Pans and Boom Box Biatch, who helped us in our search for cyclotrons, took plenty of pictures (everything on the site not taken by Kat), and carried around a tape player blasting our looped theme song. She also selflessly donated a soup lid. It's a bigger deal than you think.

Dana Allen, Aphrodite of the Answering Machine, who put up with me calling and trying to get ahold of Jason at various early and late hours (not to mention having people tromp around her backyard armed with cans of spray paint). She was also crazy enough to dress up twice (once as a boxer, once as Lara Croft) and hang with us.

Matt Willson, a professional digital video effects artist who not only acquired three blown Saticon tubes for our gun tips, but also created the GB logo as vector EPS files and even graciously offered to doctor our photos using his mad skillz. He was also *this close* to building us a PKE meter, and you know, it really is the thought that counts.

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