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Some test footage for a web movie I hope to make. It's a 320x240 QuickTime with sound, about 1.7 MB.

Wizard Costume Contest 2000

You all know about Wizard magazine's annual costume contest--build during the winter, take pictures in the spring and summer, send them in for the fall issues, right? We gave it a shot, not really expecting to win, but hey...we're kind of a funny-lookin' group, so we figured it wouldn't hurt to try. My wife Kat took these shots in Colma, California--a place that literally has more graves than living beings. They actually sell bumper stickers that say "It's Great to be Alive in Colma." So we stopped by one of the closest graveyards and shot a few rolls of film before anybody caught us.

Of course, we didn't win. Not so much as an honorable mention or a public mocking. Instead, along with some really impressive outfits that deserved attention, they went with toddlers as JLA members and a guy dressed up as Cassidy from Preacher--a great book and a cool character but not exactly a difficult costume to construct (white t-shirt, denim vest, sunglasses, fake blood). We didn't even make the web-only also-rans page. So as much as I enjoy reading Wizard, I have to say..."fuck you." Our costumes are better than some of the ones that were picked. Period.

I am happy to report, however, that Matt Willson has created another Photoshop enhancement for one of the photos from this session. If you want to see that--and you do, trust me--click on the image below for the full deal.

What's inside?.

A Ghostbuster in repose.

Funny--I went for a casual look, Andy on the right went for a bad-ass look, and Jason...Jason apparently went for the fifth-grade-school-picture look.

The best group shot I think we've got.

This is why I require supervision at all times. (Fear not--we found it this way.)

Sure, we look brave and carefree during the day.

Our tribute to David Lee Roth.

We couldn't have gotten that glint off the goggles if we tried.

"You're #1 with us!"

"Say, gents, could that be a free-roaming vapor I spy in the distance?" Yuk yuk yuk.

Spengler's Angels?

Huh. Nobody home.

Um, something was funny. I don't know what.

I look like I'm waiting for a bus...and I'm standing on a corpse.

This is so wrong in so many ways.

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Any GB builders who would like higher-res versions of the photos on this site, drop me a line and I'll be happy to send you larger scans. Sometimes big photos help when you're building your own gear.

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