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I ain't afraid of no ghost, my ass!

Wow...Matt Willson's awesome Photoshop creation! I sent Matt a photo of myself in full gear in my backyard, aiming at a tree. This is what he sent back. Click on it for a huge (1280x960) version.

(Here's two sneak peeks at the making of this pic: an early draft of the scene and the empty but textured chapel a little later on.)

The Ghostbusters Firehouse

When I was in New York on business in early 2002, I was able to sneak away and visit the NYC fire station where Ghostbusters was shot--Ladder #8 in Tribeca, on the corner of N. Moore and Varick (take the 2 subway and get off at Franklin--you're a block away). I had heard rumors that the guys stationed there were very friendly to fans, and the rumors were true. I just knocked on the side door and said I was there on a GB pilgrimage; they let me right in, posed for photos, the works. Inside it's very small--remember, the movie's interiors were shot in Los Angeles--but they have the lighted sign from Ghostbusters II hanging on the wall, as well as a nice photo collage of snapshots taken during the filming (apparently, Dan Akyroyd posed with everybody). They also sell t-shirts, $20 a pop, specific to the firehouse--and as you can see, they're proud of their link to movie history. Definitely stop by next time you're in the Big Apple. Click on each photo to see a much larger version (8 inches tall) of each pic.

The Ecto-1 at Universal Studios Florida

On a February 2000 trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, I snapped these shots of the Ecto-1 (that's what the Florida license plate says) during the daily Hollywood car parade. My only guess is that the 'buster on the back is supposed to be Kylie from Extreme Ghostbusters. You be the judge. Click on each photo to see a much larger version (8 inches wide) of each pic.

Ghostbusters 12" Singles

The scans and photos of the rare 12" single of "Ghostbusters" occupy their own page.

More photos back on page 1

Any GB builders who would like higher-res versions of the photos on this site, drop me a line and I'll be happy to send you larger scans. Sometimes big photos help when you're building your own gear.

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