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April 2012

See The Hare In Person This Summer

Many people (in particular Stephen Miller as well as long-time site supporters Toby Malcolm and Sharon Kaighin) have written in to tell me that the golden hare is on public display this summer at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. This is the first time the hare will be on display to the public for an extended period of time — previously, it was shown at the Portal Gallery for roughly a day, for the benefit of the TV special that was shot a few years ago.

The media has picked up on it too and that article contains many interesting small details: The current owner is female, a person of note somewhere in the Far East, and considers it a family heirloom — someone wears it to Christmas dinner every year. I feel this is as happy an ending as we can hope for at this stage, you know?

More Changes Coming to the Site

I hope everybody likes the new look and navigation of the site; my wife redesigned it for me and I’m much happier. However, there are still a few things I need to adjust, so I may be shuffling some things around in the months to come. Let me know if you spot any errors or have any suggestions.