Painting #1: One Of Six To Eight

BORDER PHRASE: “I am as cold as earth, and as old as earth, and in the earth am I, one of six to eight.”




HIDDEN HARE: In the central hill

CLUES & COMMENTS: “One of six to eight” is one of the biggest clues in the book, indicating Catherine of Aragon, the first of six wives of King Henry VIII, near whose monument the jewel was hidden. “In the earth am I” confirms that the treasure is, in fact, buried in the ground somewhere, and not inside a building, vehicle, or other man-made structure.


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Ash October 18, 2016 at 12:14 am

Hi! I have not participated in the Masquerade hunt, but I have read that the solution involved drawing lines from the left eye to longest left “finger” and left eye to longest left “toe” through to the border letters, as well as the same treatment for the right side…My question is this- how can the Master Riddle word here be Catherine’s, when it would appear with what eyes are showing on the 3 mice, only 6 letters could be obtained? do the lines go back through the toe-eye- to a border letter on both sides? or is there another animal here? or if only one eye is showing do they use that for the opposite hand/foot? or do they continue the line even when they reach a letter?? Just wondering how they arrived at the answer- and hoping knowing the methodology might help in another hunt : ) Thank you!


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