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Sound FX Pix

Cameron Lewis took some photos during one of the tapings, and I've finally unearthed them. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of everyone who participated--not even the five main cast members--but now you can put some clear faces in front of the distorted voices!

The door poses with Jamie
Pay no attention to Jamie; the real star here is the sound effects door (cleverly marked as such in large white letters). The door had an adjustable resonance chamber so it could sound like distinctly different doors.

A horse is a dork, of course, of course
Dan demonstrates the Monty Python School of Sound Effects--how to make coconuts sound like horse hooves.

How to stab an orange
Kat saw this photo and asked, "I don't know why we tried to all that at once." This was a sound effect take from Episode 2, where Louie dies, and we tried to do everything in rapid succession, in one take. First, Dan gets slapped. Then Kat and Decker stab an orange for the knife-into-flesh sound. Finally, Esslinger gargles a little water to sound like there's blood in his throat. Try it at home!

Kat and Joanna had to slide a dagger through a vinyl clipboard to simulate the sound of Brian drawing a sword in Episode 3. Low-tech ideas ruled the production whenever possible.

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All photos (c) Cameron Lewis