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Posters & Paperwork

Since Dan never throws anything away, here's a few nifty artifacts from the creation of the show. This section is really for people who care just a bit too much...

The poster that got plastered all over campus asking for poor suckers to audition.

Teaser poster
The pre-hype teaser poster, which was posted about six weeks before the show aired.

Main poster
The main promo poster, which ultimately lined campus garbage cans.

Kat's notes
A page from Kat's first rough draft for Episode 1, typos and all. Brian is called Dan, Alex is named Xandy, and Larry is called Jonson. Note the ideas for other dimensions that we never explored. (Click on it for the full-size version.)

Performance release
We were required to make the cast members sign this very scary release form--but if they hadn't, we wouldn't doing the show on SHOUTcast at all. (Click on it for the full-size version.)

Episode 1 sound list
Forty-eight sound effects in Episode 1 alone. Larry and Joanna had their work cut out for them. (Click on it for the full-size version.)

Flem's note
A scrawled note from Flem during his post-production exile in the EMUSIC studio--we literally didn't see him for weeks while he was editing. His proclamation on this note that "things are groovy" with the computer wasn't exactly true! (Click on it for the full-size version.)

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All photos (c) Cameron Lewis