Gameplay Tips

This stuff applies to both Hangtime and Maximum Hangtime.

Go up for a field goal, then dish off for an alley oop. Since you're in the air, you have less chance of the pass being intercepted.

Dunks do not go get chosen randomly; where you hit turbo and shoot on the court floor determines which dunk you'll do (assuming your character is high enough on dunks to do it from that spot, too). Dunks which feature flailing or spread legs have a better chance of knocking over defenders on your way to the hoop, so find where to do them and use them to your advantage.

If you're on fire, an alley-oop to your teammate will not end your hot streak. Don't be a ball hog. :)

It is entirely worth getting three alley-oops or double dunks in a row to activate Team Fire. Team Fire glows blue instead of red, and lasts for 40 seconds--but only counts down while your team has possession. It's very powerful and should always be attempted when possible--even if you have to goaltend to keep the streak alive.

You've only got enough turbo for two spins in rapid succession--and in Maximum Hangtime, a lot of times they won't shake your opponent. Rely more on quick changes in direction with the joystick.

Dunks can be blocked, if your timing is just right. Set up at the basket and meet the dunk at the rim. If that doesn't work, you can push them while they're still holding the ball and snuff the shot that way--which is a lot more annoying. :)

If you get an offensive rebound, immediately tap Shoot to put the ball back up again before your feet hit the ground. This quick second-chance shot goes in about 90% of the time, depending on defense, court position, score spread, and luck.

A Team Fire can be nullified with a single alley-oop or double-dunk. In other words, if one team gets on fire by working together, the other team can cool them off exactly the same way.

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