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Finally! I am very happy to offer the NBA Hangtime manual as a PDF--I got it all scanned in. It's 2.3 MB but should print out nicely and will tell you everything you need to know about your Hangtime machine, including JAMMA pinouts, DIP switch settings, wiring diagrams, CP drilling templates, operator menu settings, the works. Share and enjoy.

If you don't need all that info, here's the DIP switch settings as a text file.

According to the wiring diagrams, the NBA Hangtime control panel harness (H-17833 for the main cable plus H-17834 for the additional cable for Players 3 and 4) is identical to that of Open Ice (H-17850), right down to the wire colors. Only the part numbers differ. The main difference between those Hangtime/Open Ice and the CP harness for Jam (besides wire color!) is that the wire for the Start button is pinned to a different Molex slot--Hangtime/Open Ice has Start on the 12th pinout for P1 and 11th for P2 through P4, while Jam has it on the 11th/10th. Everything else--the blocked off key slots, the number of pins on each Molex connector--is the same. Betson can order you NOS parts, so long as you supply the part numbers and Williams still has stock. Last time I checked--January 2000--Williams still had lots of Hangtime CP harnesses available.

More, as they say, to come.

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