Secret Players

These codes have been tested on a Maximum Hangtime coin-op machine. Many to most will also work on the original Hangtime and its home console conversions--but you can figure which ones do and don't work on your own. Don't ask me--I don't know.

AMRICH 2020 Dan Amrich AMRICH "Ace" Me! At the time, I was writing basketball video game coverage for SLAM. I'm wearing bunny ears in the game. Good at three-pointers.
BARDO 6000 Steve Bardo BARDO "Bardo" Player model
CARLOS 1010 Carlos Pesina PESINA "Pesina" Hangtime design team. Also brother to Daniel "Johnny Cage" Pesina, Carlos played Raiden in Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II.
DANIEL 0604 Dan Thompson THOMPSON "Thompson" Programmer
DANR 0000 Dan Roan ROAN "Ace" Host of WGN's "Bull's Eye" pre-game show
DIVITA 0201 Sal Divita DIVITA "Divita" Lead artist
EDDIE 6213 Eddie Ferrier FERRIER "Mad Dog" Midway software tester
EUGENE 6767 Eugene Geer GEER "Geer" Artist
JAMIE 1000 Jamie Rivett RIVETT "Rivett" Design team. Also worked on the PlayStation conversion.
JAPPLE 6660 Jeff Johnson JAPPLE "Japple" Programmer
JC 0000 John Carlton CARLTON "Carlton" Artist. It's possible that the "CARLTN" entry on the high score tables is a seperate code, but it's more likely that it was inserted before John's real login code was finalized.
JFER 0503 Jennifer Hedrick HEDRICK "Hedrick" Artist
JIGGET 1010 Unknown! JIGGETS "Ace" Unknown!
JONHEY 6000 Jon Hey HEY "Hey" Lead sound & music programmer
KOMBAT 0004 Ed Boon BOON "Ace" Programmer of the Mortal Kombat series.
MARTY 1010 Marty Martinez MARTINEZ "Martinez" Design team
MEDNIK 6000 Cary Mednick MEDNICK "Ace" Player model for the referee; also one of the hardware gurus at Midway.
MINIFE 6000 Marcus Minifer MINIFER "Minifer" Player model
MORRIS 6000 Willie Morris Jr. AIR MORRIS "Air Morris" Player model. Great at dunks.
MORTAL 0004 John Tobias TOBIAS "Ace" Designer of the Mortal Kombat series.
MUNDAY 5432 Larry Munday MUNDAY "Ace" Writer for PlayMeter and pal of Turmell's. Wears a green Goofy hat in the game.
MXV 1014 Mike Vinikour VINIKOUR "Snake" Midway tester
NICK 7000 Nick Erhlich ERHLICH "Ace" Design team. I have seen his surname spelled "Erlich," "Erhlich," and "Ehrlich" in various credit listings. I'm going with what you'll actually see in Maximum Hangtime, even though I believe "Ehrlich" is correct.
NFUNK 0101 Neil Funk FUNK "Ace" Announcer. Does anybody else find it funny that this guy gets a generic "Ace" as his announcement? He never recorded his own name...
NOBUD 1010 Unknown! FUNK "Ace" Unknown!
NORTH 5050 Unknown! NORTH "Ace" Unknown!
PATF 2000 Pat Fitzgerald FITZGERALD "Ace" Midway marketing/PR coordinator
PERRY 3500 Matthew Perry PERRY "Ace" Yes, it's Chandler from the hit sitcom Friends. He's a big hoops fan.
QUIN 0330 Kevin Quinn QUINN "Ace" Music
ROOT 6000 John Root ROOT "Ace" Midway artist (not sure if he worked on this game or not)
SHAWN 0123 Shawn Liptak LIPTAK "Merlin" Design team. His face appears on the select screen, but his player model has the wizard head.
SNO 0103 Sheridan Oursler OURSLER "Ace" Midway hardware guru. He wears a blue derby with a star on it (to complement the brown one he wore in the original Jam).
TURMEL 0322 Mark Turmell TURMELL "Turmell" Lead programmer

I'm still missing information for the following personnel: M.Doc (MDOC 2099 does not work), Jason Skiles (JASON 0729 does not work), and anything marked "unknown" above. If you can fill in any information, please email me.

NBA All-Star Players

In addition to the programmers and friends, you can put a bunch of NBA superstar players on to any squad you like for an all-star matchup. You can also pair up any of these players with their regular roster selves to play with two of the same star.

AHRDWY 0000 Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway Orlando Magic
CLIFFR 0000 Cliff Robinson Portland Trailblazers
DAVIDR 0000 David Robinson San Antonio Spurs
DREAM 0000 Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Rockets
ELLIOT 0000 Sean Elliot San Antonio Spurs
EWING 0000 Patrick Ewing New York Knicks
GLENNR 0000 Glenn Robinson Milwaukee Bucks
HGRANT 0000 Horace Grant Orlando Magic
JOHNSN 0000 Larry Johnson New York Knicks
KEMP 0000 Shawn Kemp Seattle Supersonics
KIDD 0000 Jason Kidd Dallas Mavericks
MALONE 0000 Karl Malone Utah Jazz
MILLER 0000 Reggie Miller Indiana Pacers
MOTUMB 0000 Dikembe Motumbo Atlanta Hawks
MOURNG 0000 Alonzo Mourning Atlanta Hawks
MURSAN 0000 Gheorghe Muresan Washington Bullets
PIPPEN 0000 Scottie Pippen Chicago Bulls
RODMAN 0000 Dennis Rodman Chicago Bulls
RICE 0000 Glen Rice Charlotte Hornets
SMITS 0000 Rik Smits Indiana Pacers
STACKH 0000 Jerry Stackhouse Phildelphia 76ers
STARKS 0000 John Starks New York Knicks
WEBBER 0000 Chris Webber Washington Bullets

Powerup Codes

Enter these in at the "Tonight's Matchup" screen. If you press down on the joystick, all numerical codes will "lock in" for that game. Some codes will only work if all human players enter them, while others will work for a two-player team if only one player enters them. Everything should work on both Hangtime and Maximum Hangtime unless otherwise noted.

025 Baby Mode: All players are tiny
048 No music during gameplay
111 Tournament Mode: Disallows all powerups & computer assistance in multiplayer games
120 All passes are turbo speed
+ Left on joystick
Selects outdoor court (original NBA Hangtime only)
Left or Right
on joystick
Selects outdoor court (NBA Maximum Hangtime only)
273 Stealth Turbo
284 Max player speed
390 No pushing
461 Unlimited Turbo
552 Hyper Speed: Overall gameplay is faster
616 Max shot blocking
709 Quick Hands: Max steal power
937 Goaltending Off (No penalty for goaltending--swat away!)
Hold Up on joystick
and press Pass + Turbo
Big Head
Hold Up on joystick
and press Shoot three times
Show Hot Spots (thanks Alex & Robert Meijer!)
Unknown! Red, white & blue ABA ball

Let me know if you find it or if you spot any other errors or omissions.

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