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Screen Shots
I got these screens of the original NBA Hangtime direct from Midway for use in the SLAM articles; I believe they were taken from the beta chipset. Thanks to Pat Fitzgerald and the Midway team.

Indoor court Double dunk
Main menu (duh) Tee hee...Grant's specs are funny-lookin'
Focus on speed and shooting when you start out Auto Rebound was later renamed, plus Break Backboard and Back Door are not in the final game
I can't stand Karl Malone... It's Garnett
You think I'm proud? Consider how Pippen must feel!

Machines, Marquees, and Miscellaneous

I am looking for the arcade flyers and cabinet shots for both Hangtime releases. If you can provide scans, or have ones you're willing to sell or trade, please email me. Meanwhile, here's some older archive stuff and my personal photos:

Midway's NBA Jam press shot Midway's NBA Jam TE press shot
My baby, complete with the ears and a quarter up
Be afraid Be very afraid

Got any cool pix? Email me.

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