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None of this would be possible without them.

None of this would be possible without them, either. Go Knicks!

The Killer List of Video Games
The main online reference for coin-op collectors. Chock full of info from people who personally own the games! I wrote the bulk of the stuff on the Maximum Hangtime page.

Kurt Koller maintains a ton of information about coin-ops past and present, and the site is always growing.

This newsgroup is just overflowing with friendly, helpful, and extremely prompt coin-op owners. You've got questions, they've got answers. To find items for sale, trade, or auction, check out the companion newsgroup, r.g.v.a.marketplace.

eBay's Arcade Auctions
You can find Hangtime chipsets on eBay in Collectibles: Coin-Operated: Arcade. Click here to search for it immediately.

The Basement Arcade
Mark Davidson's classic coin-op collecion, filled with cool info and excellent sound samples from your favorite games!

Code lists and cheats for the home Hangtimes.

SLAM Online
The best basketball magazine...or just my personal bias because I used to write for it? Who cares.

Of course, for info on current video games, there's only one source... :)

My Self-Indulgent Web Page
If this doesn't scare you enough, why not learn more about me at my main web page and become truly horrified?

Got any cool links? Email me.

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