Has Kit appeared on the radio?

Yes. There is this 1984 radio interview, conducted by Don Swaim for use on CBS Radio, wherein Kit discusses his youth, his early career, the reaction to Masquerade and some teasing hints on his then-new untitled bee book. He was apparently in America on a press tour promoting the new book, and a reference is made to an American television appearance–anybody on this side of the Atlantic remember Kit on US television? You can hear the interview Click to hear it as an MP3 or RealAudio. I’ve mirrored this locally as an MP3 thanks to Richard Nash.

In 2009, for Masquerade‘s 30th anniversary, the BBC created a radio documentary, The Grand Masquerade, which recalls the history, the hysteria, and features Kit’s first interview about the book in several years. It was aired twice, once on July 14 and once on October 24. I was interviewed for the project and some of my comments made it into the final production. Interestingly, the daughter of the current owner of the hare heard this radio program and later arranged for Kit and the jewel to be reunited — which the BBC documented on video as The Man Behind the Masquerade.

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