Hints to Solving Untitled

Congratulations–whether intentional or not, you’ve found my secret page. I figured it’s only fair that if I’m not willing to post the answer to Untitled on the site, I can at least give some hints to those of you who are currently working on the puzzle.

Do not read further if you don’t want a few cryptic nudges.
Click here instead.

There is a connection between Masquerade and Untitled. The first clue to making this connection starts with the first painting. However, this connection is not necessary to solve it–it’s just a little perk for readers who had already bought the first book.

As with Masquerade, the true answer to the riddle lies in the pictures.

The number of bees in each picture yields an answer. However, that’s the (most popular) wrong one.

The Death of Spring painting yields a very difficult secret message…but that, too, is wrong. (Most people never find this. I didn’t.)

The cover itself contains a vital clue regarding the length and spacing of the title.

One or two letters in the title may prove more difficult to determine, but you can figure them out by the context of all the other letters in the answer.

Observation is more important than research. Again, Untitled is nowhere near as complicated as Masquerade, and you can probably figure 95% of it out without the help of any reference books or the Internet.

If the final answer you reach seems too obvious…it might be the right one!

If you want more help or you want the answer outright, just drop me a note.

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