Beyond Kit

When does the art no longer belong to the artist? When people start putting it on their skin. Toby Malcolm wins the Most Dedicated Fan award with this stunning tattoo of the jewel. “I had it done in early 2005 by an amazing tattoo artist here in Edinburgh named Sarah,” he says. “She traced it directly from the Sotheby’s image so I can guarantee it’s size is accurate to the millimeter. She managed to do an amazing job getting the colors accurate too. And yes, before you ask, it was very painful. It took two sittings of two hours each, but it was worth it I think.”

But why stop there? Toby went back and had some more Kit-inspired ink added later in the year. “This time I took my inspiration from Kit’s painting “Advancing Ripe Harvest” featured in the Out of One Eye book. And yes, it was monumentally painful.” Well, Toby, they are thorns…

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