Kit Williams Photo Gallery


This photo appeared on the back flap of the Masquerade dust jacket. Photo by Tara Heinemann.

Kit places the Masquerade jewel into its clay container, 1979. Photo by Tara Heinemann.

Masquerade victor "Ken Thomas" and Kit, holding the jewel's clay casket after "Ken" had "solved" the mystery. The photo was taken the day the jewel was unveiled to the press, and originally ran in Smithsonian magazine, May 1982. (Thanks to Chris Cole for the scan!)

To open the hare's clay burial casket, Kit melted the wax by heating it in a pan. The clay was intended to thwart metal detectors--and it worked. The photo is uncredited, but it originally ran in Smithsonian magazine, May 1982.

Kit the beekeeper! Holding the prize for "the bee book," on the back of Untitled, circa 1983. Photo by Sophie Baker.

Kit on the dust jacket for Out of One Eye, 1988. Photo by Denis Waugh; woodworking, of course, by Kit.

Harold Benney's photo of the Wishing Fish Clock at the Regent Arcade. Click on the photo for a much larger version.

The Lady and the Tiger Illusion, borrowed from the Beechwood Shopping Centre's website.

Mark Britten sent in photos of both parts of the Telford Bubble-Blowing Frog clock. Many thanks Mark!

Mark says, "The red wheel travels between the two parts taking manufactured gold balls from one end and feeding them into the clock at the other end."

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