About This Site

I started playing guitar in 1988, using my sister’s nylon string Framus to learn “American Pie” and some Beatles songs. My mom said “If you want an electric guitar you’ll have to buy it yourself,” so I called her bluff and saved up for nine months and got my first guitar: a Les Paul Custom, and found my Strat the year after that. Sufficiently educated, I worked at Guitar World from 1993 to 1996 as an online editor who occasionally got to write for the magazine. I still chip in on articles here and there when the opportunity arises.

Needless to say, the Paul and Strat were not the last guitars to enter my possession. Over the years I’ve had some lovely instruments and kept probably more than I should, and I used my time as a backup guitarist in an 80s band as a great excuse to get more. I have since faced facts and let a lot of them go, but I have fond memories of the guitars I no longer own. I always wanted to write the history of my guitars both past and present, so with the help of my photographer/web designer/bassist wife, here it is. Hope you dig the eye candy.