D’Agostino D72

Year: Unknown (1980s)
Finish: 3-tone sunburst
Origin: China
Acquired: 1990
Mods: Bone nut
Still owned: No

The Story:
This was my first “real” acoustic, which is to say, it replaced the Kay that I bought from my manager at the record store for $40 during my sophomore year of high school. My local music store, Chet’s Music, had this one on the wall while I was learning about guitars, teaching myself to play, and basically dreaming of guitars I could one day own. I’d tried a lot of low-end acoustics simply because they were in my price range, but this one had an oval soundhole, which I found amazing. First, it looked unusual. Second, It credited it for the warmer, mellower tone the guitar produced, compared to all the others I’d tried.

Ultimately she became known as Nancy, for reasons that will not be revealed here because you wouldn’t believe me anyway. I played her at countless parties, whether my friends wanted me to or not, and even recorded a version of “Norweigan Wood” with it in college. When I got serious about upgrading my acoustic, I ultimately sold Nancy to a friend, who gave it to his casual-player girlfriend as a birthday present. She loves Nancy too, and that makes me happy.

D'Agostino D72