Taylor 356ce

Year: 2011
Finish: Natural
Origin: USA
Price Paid: $1700
Mods: None
Acquired: 2011
Still owned: Yes

The Story:
When I sold the Epiphone Bard, it was with the intention of buying a replacement 12-string acoustic at some point. It’s a sometimes instrument anyway; it’s so specific that it’s not a daily player. I knew I wanted a Taylor, but I could never find the right one for me — I didn’t want a DN-3 dreadnaught, and I didn’t want to pay crazy money for a 600 series. What I figured would work was a 300 series, which is the lowest tier of non-laminate guitars Taylor makes; unfortunately I could never find the 356 (the Grand Auditorium 12-string) in stock. When I asked around, I was told they didn’t carry it because it didn’t sell, but they could order one. No, dude, I just wanna play it and see if it’s right for me. The 600 series equivalent was great but too spendy.

I was headed down to the San Diego Comic Con in 2011, and I figured, what the hell — I have no idea what guitar stores are down there, let’s see if any are on the way. Buffalo Brothers was, and I’d heard of it, and there it was, waiting for me when I got there. I thought I’d just come back with some dorky t-shirts, but I came back with a 12-string guitar with a fantastic neck and a sweet sound. A light pick when strumming sounds divine, and I even like fingerpicking it a bit, because that’s just weird.

Taylor 365ce