Fender Showmaster Celtic H

Year: 2003
Finish: Silver
Origin: Korea
Price Paid: $500
Mods: Bone nut
Acquired: 2003
Still owned: No

The Story:
The Showmaster is like a Strat, only with slightly different contours for a slightly more modern look and feel; originally, this was Fender’s answer for the metal “superstrat” market. I got this on crazy clearance shortly after snagging the Esquire GT — it was a lucky banner year for acquisitions. Like the Esquire, it had a carved top and a single pickup…and that was kind of the problem. I loved the silver finish and the Celtic inlay on the 12th fret, but it did basically the same thing that the Esquire GT did, so I ultimately could not justify keeping two guitars that were so similar. It was a stunner and played great (Korea is the new Mexico for guitars!) so I was happy to give a good friend a good deal. When they go to good homes, I don’t feel as bad giving them up.

Fender Celtic Showmaster