Gershstein Custom 3D

Year: 2016
Finish: Red
Origin: USA
Acquired: 2016
Mods: All
Still owned: Yes

The Story:
When I found out someone had plans for a 3D-printed guitar, I was too curious. I asked my friend Eugene Gershstein for help, and he made it happen! I funded the 3D printing filament (I wanted the neck to be brown, so it would resemble a traditional wood neck) and over a few weeks, Eugene was able to generate the neck and body in six parts and then very carefully aligned them and glued them together. I added nylon strings and some cheap electric tuners, and together, we proved that you can make a guitar out of nothing but plastic.

It plays fairly well as a lead guitar, and predictably, it sounds like ukulele — not bad at all, honestly, when you consider what it is. All the parts were probably $75 together, including the filament. It broke once, when I dropped it — and I just glued it back together!

Gershstein Custom 3D Print