Guild Mark I

Year: 1968
Finish: Natural
Origin: USA
Acquired: 2006
Mods: None
Still owned: Yes

The Story:
I learned to play on a Framus nylon string and later found another Framus in a store in Brooklyn, the day I got back from my honeymoon. It was not very good but it was a nostalgia purchase. Kat’s mom has a fantastic 1964 Guild Mark I, and it’s got a fantastic tone. Rather than try to steal hers, I decided to find another one of that model from the same era. I found this one being sold online by a guy who had it in his closet for years. I believe he told me it was his brother’s, and his brother had passed on, but he still considered it a family heirloom. It was weird; he wanted to sell it, but said a lot of things to make it sound like it wasn’t really for sale. I assured him I was buying this as a player, not a seller, and it would find a good home in my collection and be treated with respect. When it arrived it was in a terrible case, so I immediately bought a padded hardshell case. There is no damage, just some places where the finish has gone shiny over the years. I keep it in its case and humidified with Planet Waves Humidipaks. It’s got a lovely, sweet tone.

I know Taylor has a nylon string now, so if anything would cause me to part with this, it would be a Taylor.