Fernandes Nomad Bass

Year: 2000
Finish: Metallic Blue
Origin: Japan
Acquired: 2001
Mods: Schaller straplocks
Still owned: No

The Story:
I loved the idea of having matching guitars and basses, so when I tracked down the Nomad guitar, we went ahead and got the matching travel Nomad bass. Except they weren’t really matching; even though both said they were Metallic Blue, Kat’s was a royal blue and mine was a lighter/Lake Placidesqe blue.

This was enjoyable to own and fun (if not funny) to play — its 24″ scale is actually considered a short scale for a guitar! I mean, that’s the same as the Lammy. The built-in speaker was prone to feedback, and the tone was nothing magical, being purely based around a piezo in the bridge, but it was definitely a pretty color and a nice conversation piece. Kat rarely played it, and we ultimately replaced it with another short-scale bass, the Ibanez Mikro.