ESP Eclipse Archtop

Year: 1998
Finish: See-Thru Purple
Origin: Japan
Acquired: 2005
Mods: Schaller straplocks
Still owned: No

The Story:
I got Kat her Sterling bass for our 10th anniversary, and she got me this lovely ESP semi-hollow. I had already gotten both ESP Eclipse Semi-Acoustics, so to find their rockabilly brother with the Gibson looks and a Fender-shaped neck in screamin’ See-Thru Purple, well, the attraction was pretty obvious. But I never played it outside the house, and ultimately getting the T5 made me part with this.

Of all the guitars I’ve loved and lost, this is the one I wish I still had. I sold it to a good friend who uses it as a Gretsch substitute, so I hope if he ever wants to part with it, he’d consider selling it back to me.