Fernandes Nomad Deluxe

Year: 2000
Finish: Metallic Blue
Origin: Japan
Acquired: 2002
Mods: Schaller straplocks, relocated strap button
Still owned: No

The Story:
After being unable to find the Um Jammer Lammy model of the Fernandes ZO-3, I did some research and found they made a model with not only a built-in, battery-powered speaker, but digital effects as well. Better still, it was a Zoom 505, which was my main effects pedal thingie at the time. They made it in four colors, but I the only place I could find the metallic blue one was online, from a music store in Florida. It was their last blue one in stock, and the only blue one I’ve seen in person. They no longer make them with Zoom innards, either.

I played this as my main stage guitar in Fast Times for several months, because I wasn’t playing much and the stage value of a bright blue kidney bean was hard to deny. I had a hardshell case for it…which melted when our rehearsal studio caught on fire. But the case did its job — it protected the guitar from obliteration! Greg at Orbiter Guitars cleaned it up and gave it a complete overhaul and I held it for a few more years, but recently let it go in an effort to whittle down the collection.