Dean Mondo Mando

Year: 2005
Finish: Translucent Red
Origin: China
Acquired: 2006
Mods: None
Still owned: Yes

The Story:
I love the sound of mandolin in Celtic folk music, but I don’t want to learn its tuning, fingerings, or deal with its tiny, tiny frets. I wanted the best of both worlds — a mando that played like a guitar. I found this 9-strong oddball for cheap — so cheap it came with the bridge unassembled.

It’s pretty (for some reason they put lovely quilted maple on the back) but not too comfortable to play. The build is simply low quality, you can’t play it sitting down, the bottom strap button is tiny, there is no top strap button, and the strings were expensive as hell. I had to buy three sets at a time. I haven’t gotten rid of this, because it’s unique, and besides, who would buy it? I took it to the ren faire once, but that’s the only time it’s been out of the house.

I dream of a day when someone will make this again, only better.