Danelectro DC3

Year: Unknown (2000s)
Finish: Silver metalflake
Origin: USA
Price Paid: Unknown
Mods: None
Acquired: Unknown (early 2000s)
Still owned: No

The Story:
I went to a guitar show at the Cow Palace in South San Francisco at some point while I was at GamePro. When I started there in 1997, Danelectro was a defunct brand; they went back into production shortly thereafter and we thankfully never got sued. So when I found a silver DC-3, with three pickups and the 7-way selector switch, I fell in lust.

It’s a cheap guitar, and it feels like it; this one even had some of its tape “body binding” peeling off. I bought it anyway and ultimately just used it around the house. Never really clicked with me, outside of the awesome look. I think I sold it on eBay. This has turned out to be one of the more desirable Dano reissues, so I hope it’s making someone happy.