Squier Affinity Starcaster

Year: 2019
Finish: Candy Apple Red
Origin: Indonesia
Acquired: 2019
Mods: Schaller straplocks, new knobs & switch tip
Still owned: Yes

I have been looking for a semi-hollow for some time. I tried an Epiphone Dot and sold it almost immediately; I tried an Eastwood Classic 6 and did the same. The problem always exists in the neck — classic Gibson designs feature chunky, rounded 50s neck profiles, and I’m just a Fender guy. They never feel right, and I always fight them. Why can’t I find a slim-neck 335 clone — or something that took its cues from Fender?

Oh, well, how about Squier’s reissue of Fender’s weird 70s semi-hollow, the Starcaster? They put out three versions, but only the cheapest Affinity tier came in Candy Apple Red. I’d recently had a good experience with the Affinity series so that didn’t scare me off and, knowing I’d want to play rock more than jazz, I liked the streamlined single volume and single tone controls. I sold some gear and made it happen.

Sure enough, this is the neck I was waiting for — a generic modern-C shape makes my hands happy, and the satin finish on this is super smooth. Yes, the headstock is ridiculous, but the guitar is well balanced and the stock humbuckers sound fine. That said, I’m thinking it’s a good candidate for an upgraded set, maybe something in a more jangly persuasion.

Right before I got this, I found a set of chrome dome knobs with inset red jewels, which I’d never seen anywhere else — so they had to be acquired and installed. I also swapped the pickup selector switch for a Gretsch style just to freak out the purists.

Squier Affinity Starcaster