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Kickstarter, I shop you

As I have mentioned before, I like Kickstarter. I regularly say that I shop on Kickstarter. According to a recent blog from the team at Kickstarter, I am wrong. It’s hard to know how many people feel like they’re shopping … Continue reading

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My Kickstarter Win/Loss Record

Kickstarter! Kickstarter! Kickstarter! And yet I often hear people darkly warning anyone who will listen that KS is a fad, or a ripoff, and a lot of projects never get backed, and they all ship late, and there’s nothing to … Continue reading

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What to do when your Ghostbusters pack isn’t good enough

When I finished writing Critical Path, I wanted to get myself a nice big milestone gift to commemorate the achievement. That usually means “guitar,” but after looking, lusting, and playing for a few months…nothing wants to go home with me right … Continue reading

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The Rock & Roll Jeopardy story

When I turned 30, I set out to do a number of things before I got too old. One of them was to audition for a game show. Thanks to a friend of a friend who had been on the … Continue reading

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GamePro is gone

I read the news today, oh boy. I have mixed emotions, but then again, I’ve had mixed emotions about GamePro since I left in 2003. GamePro was seven years of my life, and they were alternately awesome and frustrating. Like any … Continue reading

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The origins of #GratefulWed

I was sick a fair amount as a kid — I always had a bug. And I remember one day thinking, “Man, I will be so happy when this is gone.” And I held myself to that — I realized … Continue reading

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A live-action Palette-Swap Ninja video!

We have finally shown ourselves.

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I met Dan Aykroyd

Three years ago I met Ernie Hudson. I got a photo of all four Ghostbusters and he signed it. I have made it a goal to get all four guys to sign it now. Tonight I was chillin’ at home … Continue reading

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New Palette-Swap Ninja song: “Arcade Gaming Shrine”

Only took, like, 11 months to do my half of this song but it’s finally available. It’s an ode to the coin-ops Jude and I grew up with (and that he has since adopted for his basement arcade — it’s … Continue reading

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I am blogging

Just not here so much at the moment. I am mixing business and pleasure over at OneOfSwords. So if you’re not reading that…read that. 🙂

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