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Wii thoughts

Yeah. I dig it. I think Nintendo did a lot of things right. I’m a little busy so I haven’t played much of anything and the only two games I have (aside from GameCube games) are Wii Sports and Metal … Continue reading

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My past, now on eBay

I have a bunch of Dan Elektro action figures in my garage, but not the signed ones. They really were hand-signed and rare. I found one out in the wild–in a bargain bin–but beyond that, I’ve never seen the signed … Continue reading

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There goes my Vegas virginity

I’d been to Las Vegas before on business but rarely done anything cool or vaguely scandalous. Some years back I played a little blackjack at the Showboat (so off the strip, you might not know the strip existed) and was … Continue reading

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Wii to the RSScue

I have been seeking a Wii since launch; didn’t line up, didn’t preorder. Figured if I was patient they would eventually come into stock and maybe one younger kid would have happier holiday since I hadn’t bought the one they … Continue reading

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Mildly amusing Gears of War anecdote

Personally, I’m pretty anti-cheat codes, and I understand the value of strategy guides, but I don’t usually use them unless I’m really frustrated. I’m playing through Gears of War again (to boost my Gamerscore; I’d finished it twice on the … Continue reading

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The Taylor T5 has arrived

This is one of the nicest-playing, coolest-sounding, sweetest-looking, hardest-to-photograph guitars it’s ever been my pleasure to own. I tried to take some photos outside in the sunlight but all I got were reflections. Hopefully these shots that did come out … Continue reading

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RedOctane thinks you’re an idiot

This is the worst “interview” I’ve read in a long, long time. And GameDaily is partly to blame, but not as much as Dusty Welch at RedOctane, who has apparently mistaken his actual voice for that of a robotic press … Continue reading

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Ghostbusters on OXM Podcast

Most of you know about my Ghostbusters outfit/website/fetish. If not, here’s an embarassing photo. It’s rare when my personal obsessions and professional duties converge, but that’s exactly what’s going to happen on tomorrow’s podcast. There’s some hot hot hot prototype … Continue reading

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The Swiss Army only offered a knife

It came from the TV: “Call 1-800 984-ARMY now for a free DVD to learn about strengthening yourself and your community as a citizen and soldier in the US Army Reserve. You’ll also get a free sports watch.” Wait…what? After … Continue reading

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My Crusade, she’s a-Burnin’

I was very pleased to come into work and find a copy of the WoW expansion sitting on my desk. Awesome! Even though I’m a 360 whore, I still have friends at Blizzard! Figuring it would be a madhouse — … Continue reading

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