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I’m a folding millionaire

I’ve been involved in the Folding@Home project for several years now. It’s a Stanford program that takes the unused cycles on your computer and uses them to do science, analyzing proteins to see how they tick. Scientists will then use … Continue reading

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GB segment of Inside Xbox

So if you’ve got an Xbox 360 and you’re connected to the interwebs, click on Inside Xbox today (and throughout the week). The OXM Report interview with Ryan French is online, and he talks a little bit about what multiplayer … Continue reading

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Watchmen: The Old Script

I had a copy of this Watchmen movie script in the mid-90s. Actually, I still do. It was written by then-hot screenwriter San Hamm, who’d written the first Batman movie. It is the reason I have been dreading a film … Continue reading

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How not to use online video

Okay, here’s my problem with the internet, circa 2008. (I mean, besides the fact that it lost the capital I.) Today while surfing I found a blog post that I wanted to read. It was called “There’s only one reason … Continue reading

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Radio days revisited?

My local morning show recently had a shakeup. They’re taking audition CDs from the general public to find a replacement co-host. What do I have to lose? I listen every day anyway, and the worst they can say is no. … Continue reading

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California Extreme 2008

Most of Saturday was spent wandering around the Tech Museum in San Jose, playing old-school pinball machines and video games. I go every year and I’ve raved about it before. This year was no exception; I saw a lot of … Continue reading

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Campbell’s Soup is good food

And it paid for my first semester of college. Those were the days.

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Watchmen trailer and more

The Watchmen hype is heating up. I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m an obsessive fan so this is a time of great hoopla. The trailer was released, the website has launched into something resembling a promotional destination, and it’s … Continue reading

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E3 mini-wrap-up

So other than the Who being a personal highlight, I liked the show this year. Many people said it felt like a wake — we were back in the LA Convention Center but occupied a much smaller space and there … Continue reading

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Amazing Journey

I was at E3 yesterday. I was supposed to leave on a late afternoon flight but I was implored by Jeff Casteneda to stay overnight and not miss the Rock Band 2 party. He just said that I could not … Continue reading

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