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Can’t Take A Hint Dept.

I bought Guitar Hero III over the weekend. I am disappointed that you can’t do career co-op over Live. So Paul and I got together at my house to crash through it, as Paul is a big Bloc Party fan … Continue reading

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Palette-Swap Ninja track #3 is up

“Padding Your Gamerscore” available now. We are considering making a video, because it appears if you make a crappy song with a crappy video, the gaming blogs pick up on it and post about it. But if you make a … Continue reading

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POD X3 Live

My fanboyism for Line 6 gear is well established. But holy shit. Way more options than I’d ever use or probably be able to figure out, but I gotta love it on a technical level. I could use the XLR … Continue reading

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Disney gets dark

I love going to Disney parks. I also love hearing what it’s like to work at Disney parks, the sordid tales from within the iron-fisted corporate empire of happiness. A visitor spammed sent me this link to a blog in … Continue reading

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Xbox 360 wireless

I am a wired kinda guy. I prefer physical Ethernet cables. But I do have a wireless network in my house and I use it; it makes things easier when I’m working on a laptop on the couch, or want … Continue reading

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Still looking for costumes

I’ll take suggestions. I have a long and proud history of going too far but I’ve been too busy to plan something major this year. Last year I repurposed the 1997 outfit. I was thinking of repurposing 1999 this year … Continue reading

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Bow before Ricky Jay

He is your god.

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SNIKT, eh?

I’m still looking for a good Halloween costume this year. and I stumbled upon these. They don’t ship to Canada though…where Wolverine is from. Har.

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The PT flame situation

So we ordered vinyl flames for the PT. We got “Ghost Flames” in gray, understanding that they were “transparent” and had a gradient fade effect to gray. I mean, that’s certainly what it appeared to be from the website. Nope: … Continue reading

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Every Extend Extra Extreme

I didn’t really understand this game when it was explained to me. But I played it once and got it instantly. Now I’m fairly hooked — just detonate an explosion and let its ripples trigger other explosions. Now do it … Continue reading

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