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The leak that wasn’t

Incoming media rant. I know that online likes to pretend that print does not exist. What I don’t know is why. Ages ago, print said, “hey, there are things that online does that are immediate and interesting and valid, and … Continue reading

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In high school, I told my parents I wanted to learn how to play guitar. Of course, that means getting a guitar — but they called my bluff and said “use your sister’s.” It was a nylon-string folk guitar by … Continue reading

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The blog puzzle

That Wired issue got me thinking, particularly the feature about Kryptos. I have always intended to use my blog for puzzles, and lately I’ve been too busy to construct them. I made one, but nobody even noticed it was there, … Continue reading

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I’m one sick fuck

This time I mean it in the “there’s stuff coming out of my lungs when I cough” way. On Sunday I got a sore throat around 2pm. By 8 that night I was woozy and had trouble walking in a … Continue reading

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The Wired Mystery Issue

This issue (May 2009) makes me so happy. J.J. Abrams is the guest editor, which gave the Wired team an excuse to fill the magazine with small puzzles, coded messages, and a metapuzzle that runs throughout the mag. I tried … Continue reading

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Dan vs. The POD xt Live Squeak

My repair history is spotty. Taking things apart, I’m an ace. Making them work the same, if not better, afterwards? Not so much. But when the volume/wah pedal on my POD xt Live started sticking and making a horrible squeak, … Continue reading

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