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D&D & Me

So here’s what I did Friday night: And I had a blast. We’ve been talking about getting a real-life tabletop D&D game going for about nine months now, ever since we found out 4th Edition was coming out and basically … Continue reading

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Spinal Tap is back!

My old pal Greg Mann sent me a news story about Spinal Tap getting back into the studio to record a new album. Seeing Tap live in 1992 is still one of my greatest thrills; I have one of Nigel’s … Continue reading

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Got to see it yesterday; my comments will be spoiler-free. Very good, very creepy, and very happy to have a dark animated film to take the place of the wildly overrated Nightmare Before Christmas. That it’s from the same director … Continue reading

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Killzone 2, Edge, and “lies” (with a bit of irony)

This week’s scathing gaming editorial comes from PSXExtreme. Ben Dutka wrote a response to Edge magazine’s Killzone 2 review. Edge is notoriously harsh in its reviews, but many people did not expect a 7 out of 10. Ben’s rebuttal is … Continue reading

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The Esquire GT Project

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my holiday haul included several cool parts for a Fender Esquire GT I’ve been wanting to modify — improve the looks, mellow out the tone. A reader even contacted me to see how … Continue reading

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More libelous fun online

Here’s a bit of nonsense for you. OXM am evil empire because Ryan has nothing better to do with his time than terrorize kids on Live. Or something. Obviously, Ryan didn’t do this. Ryan doesn’t pick fights and he doesn’t … Continue reading

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…in bed

So Kat wakes up one day and says, “Ow, my back hurts.” And I say, “Huh, sorry about that.” And this repeats for two months until she convinces me that the only way I’m ever going to enjoy being in … Continue reading

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A Fool and His Money

If you were alive in 1991 and you had a Macintosh, you played The Fool’s Errand. It is, still today, one of the mind-warpiest puzzles games you will ever see, a monochrome, Tarot-themed labor of love from a true puzzle … Continue reading

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No longer a prime number

Today I turned 38. I have to admit, it looks frighteningly close to 40. I had the Monty Python “I’m 37!” joke, and I’ll have Jack Benny’s 39 joke next year, but 38 just looks like “old.” Didn’t really get … Continue reading

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Guitar Aficianado

We’re in a recession. You may have heard. So when my parent company Future US announced that it would be launching a new magazine, I was surprised. When I found out it was a guitar magazine, I did a double-take. … Continue reading

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