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Dog bites man (2006 remix)

I don’t endorse animal cruelty. I don’t endorse terrifying children. I don’t endorse necrophilia. But you put them all together into one stunning news story, well, I am going to endorse that story. And I’m going to laugh. Really hard. … Continue reading

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Curses, Apple

I am not one of those people who waves the “Mac vs PC” flag unless it’s to mock people waving the “Mac vs PC” flag. I have been cross-platform for years now and I happily use either or both. But … Continue reading

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This is how we roll

Me and my Sega homies.

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The sun is fuckin’ shining

Man, what an attitude change I’ve gone through in the last two or three weeks. I stopped and asked myself tonight…could today have gone any better? Not really. I worked really hard on a story and got very positive reactions … Continue reading

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I’m in PSM3!

UPDATE: Link fixed. Okay, this simultaneously makes me very proud and rather terrified. I thought it was going to be a small sidebar to a larger article. Ulp! If anybody sees this issue on sale (it’s a UK magazine) with … Continue reading

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Greetings from Seattle

How is it that in 13 years, I’ve never made it up to Seattle until now? Despite Nintendo and Microsoft being up here, I’ve never visited either one (probably because I always managed to pawn them off on someone else). … Continue reading

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So long, Nicodemus

After 12 years, we finally had to put him down this past week. I didn’t want to post about it at the time because who wants to hear that your cat has died? But since he moved out with us … Continue reading

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Open letter to an asshole

To Whom It May Concern: What possessed you to tear the Darwin emblem from my car today as I ran my errands? I don’t come into your home and rip down your crucifixes, because I respect your ways even though … Continue reading

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Well, despite the recent bad luck sort of continuing–Kat was recently passed over for a position for which I think she was well suited, and we’re slated to put 12-year-old cat Nicodemus to sleep at the end of the week–I … Continue reading

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Think like a SINK

So we’ve had a few days to deal with it. Kat crunched the numbers and says we’ll be okay as long as we’re smart. She’s already picked up some freelance work, which isn’t tons of income but hey, anything’s good … Continue reading

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