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Merry Chrismount

Give me a week off, and I will goof off like nobody’s business. It’s been really nice to do it, frankly — I am always running like mad so to have a full week was the ultimate Christmas present. I … Continue reading

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Becoming a right-brain bowler

I used to bowl in elementary school, in a Saturday-morning league with my friends. I was white, it was suburbia — it was what you did. I was never that good — career high was 197 — and I still … Continue reading

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Christmas 2007: Kat wins

Paranoid, subterfuge, double-crossing, lies, and trickery. This is Christmas in my house. And it’s always merry. When Kat asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I said “It seems silly, but I’d like a Baby Taylor.” This didn’t surprise her; … Continue reading

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Does the end justify the means?

Old question, but I’ve been asking myself that as I watch a particularly whiny blog entry shoot to over 500 Diggs. Short version: We called Sony for a loaner review unit of a Bravia HDTV and they said no purely … Continue reading

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Devon update

I haven’t posted much about our ragamuffin Devon since we first got him, but he basically runs the house now. For one, he’s twice the size of Sadie, who ain’t thrilled. For two, he’s as tolerant and human-loving as we … Continue reading

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5150 360 III

First it was a faceplate. Then it was a controller. Now the trilogy is complete. Mad props as always to Greg at Orbiter Guitars, who says that he is never VH-striping another game peripheral as long as he lives. Don’t … Continue reading

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The Van Halen show

So after all that waiting, the concert was last night. It was…not everything I’d hoped, but damned close. The Good: Eddie was sober. Eddie got his tone back. New amps + cable + proto EVH Wolfgang sounded wonderful. Eddie was … Continue reading

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A sample of my stool

I am a sucker for customer rewards program. I always sign up for frequent flyer miles, and I will shop at a different supermarket if it gets me more invisible points with someone’s redemption scheme. As a guitarist, I have … Continue reading

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Don’t stop believin’, indeed

Pardon me while I upload every video of every gig we ever taped so that I can front a big rock band like this guy, who is officially the new lead singer of Journey.  Neal Schon wanted a singer so … Continue reading

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My wife: Now available online

After 13 years of print and several months of learning CSS, Kat has just launched her first web site. Well, two, actually — one for herself and one for a client. I am, of course, proud — in that way … Continue reading

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