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Today’s evidence against celebrities

We’ll always have Paris (I’m afraid, anyway), so take a break and read this LA Times article. It notes that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak did not call in any favors; he’s standing in line to buy an iPhone like the … Continue reading

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Lammy gets an upgrade

Yay, a game! Time to play Spot the Difference: If you said “Hey, that second photo has totally bitchin’ new DiMarzio blue speed knobs,” you’re right. (And if you noticed that the words “Seymour Duncan” no longer appear on the … Continue reading

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Buy my old laptop

Seriously, it’s nice. I’m super happy — kind of overjoyed, actually — with the new D630, and I was thinking of holding onto this one as a machine around the house…but c’mon. I have enough stuff, and I certainly have … Continue reading

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Sprechen ze cream soda?

I tried the batch of boutique soft drinks. Moxie was…disgusting. Frostie Cherry Limeade was quite nice. But there was one that beat everything. Not to oversell it, but this was like liquid sex. Apparently they make a brewed cola as … Continue reading

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Is this editorial about ethics…ethical?

You want honesty in your media outlets, yes? Naturally. The only real problem with editorials like this one — or the one that was similarly phrased by Shoe a few years back — is that it implies wrongdoing everywhere else. … Continue reading

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Soft drinks

I drink hard liquor now and again but I still like funky soft drinks more. A Beverages & More (aka BevMo) opened up in my neighborhood this week and I was thrilled to find on a local shelf some of … Continue reading

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Laptop love

Cool, something else went right! After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I finally ordered a new laptop from Dell a few weeks ago; it was the brand-new D630 model and it looked like it was going to take a … Continue reading

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Please feed my ego.

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Open question for YouTube contributors

I’ve seen a lot of videos of guitarists and bassists on YouTube, and I really only have one question: Why would you bother to dress up, videotape yourself, and upload it if you’re not interested in actually performing? Compare that … Continue reading

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Roll the (store) credits

Planet Puzzle League came out this week, and as a big fan of Tetris Attack, I was all too eager to pick up the update. I realized I had a few games and DVDs lying around that I should trade … Continue reading

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