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All you need is…

Every song in the Beatles catalog, lovingly stripped piecemeal and mashed-up with itself, courtesy of George Martin and his son Giles, now on CD. The excuse was the soundtrack for a Cirque du Soleil show, but any excuse is a … Continue reading

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WoW: Mounted

One of our Tgiving goals here at Chez Amrauch was to get our Alliance characters to 40 and buy mounts. Kat’s brother Ian graciously donated some gold; I had 75g when I hit 40, so I was close, but it … Continue reading

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…for my wife …for the guitars …for the job …for the nice apartment …for the cats …for the cool toys …for the creativity …for my friends I’m really not into the meal all that much. But I like taking a … Continue reading

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A Guitar Hero milestone

I’m a big fan of Guitar Hero. I’m not a terribly good player; I finished the first game on Medium but I never even knew you could do hammer-ons and pull-offs. So today I got Guitar Hero II, and I … Continue reading

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How to solve the console launch problem

It’s another media maelstrom this week as two new consoles show up on store shelves: the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. I’m not getting either one at launch, which is new for me. I was one of those crazy … Continue reading

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Gears of War: Road to Hell

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NIN (a bit late)

Happiness is finding exciting music on your iPod that you didn’t know you had. I tend to listen to the same things over and over again, for calming and concentration purposes, but somehow I found my way to With Teeth … Continue reading

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It’s a shirt. It’s an air guitar. It’s awesome.

Aussies invent the darndest things. Make sure you see the video of the air guitar shirt in action. Trippy!

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I’m on MTV tomorrow

For those of you who haven’t seen me a while, apparently there’s a fleeting glimpse of me on camera on Monday night’s MTV special Gears of War: The Road to Launch. I was tapped for a few minutes of on-camera … Continue reading

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Why do I suck at Geometry Wars?

I’m a Robotron fanatic. I like a good game of Total Carnage. This twin joystick thing does not befuddle me. So why is everybody else a better player than I am? Seriously–I looked at my top 10 friends leaderboard and … Continue reading

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