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Spoils of Gears of War

So last year, Cameron and I went on a road trip for OXM with the folks from Nightmare Armor Studios. They create sci-fi armor out of sheer geek love, and they’d built the armor and weapons from Gears of War, … Continue reading

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A Dorito Called Quest

Finally, someone has made snack food mysterious. Anybody who knows me and my puzzle nature will not be surprised to learn that I was thrilled to find a glossy black back of Doritos called QUEST in the grocery store last … Continue reading

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Brain dump May 2008

Insanely busy lately. Like, working during the day, coming home and working at night, and then because there is no other option, working most or all of the weekend too. Lots of little things have happened that I wanted to … Continue reading

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You go, gay

Same sex marriage, good to go in California. It’s about time. I still haven’t figured out what makes two people committing their lives to each other so dangerous, but it’s worth noting that I found out about the ruling from … Continue reading

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Alive and kicking ass

One trip to Fry’s, one trip to Central Computers, and one lap around the office to get advice and spare parts put me in good shape for the rebuild. It didn’t take long, but it did take all the time … Continue reading

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Comedy of errors: May edition

Every so often, life gets weird. There are just stretches of days here and there that you look back on and go, “WTF?” Kat’s birthday was Wednesday, May 7. I had to travel for work that day, and I felt … Continue reading

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There goes my hard drive. I’m posting this from one of the other 63 computers in the house, but my boot partition just went tits up. It went without warning, while surfing the web. I tried to rescue the data … Continue reading

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One for the fake guitarists

I was very proud of the”OXM’s Guide to Fake Guitar” feature when it ran in print, and now it’s online. So go see if you haven’t. There are some embarassing photos associated with this article that did not run, and … Continue reading

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