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How not to surprise your wife

Kat and I are going to be married for 14 years next week. I like getting her flowers sometimes. I got a spam in the mail from this morning with a good deal on roses. Score! I’ll order it … Continue reading

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I sold a guitar yesterday. And that comes with another story.

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I am not “Dan OXM”

But some Xbox Live scammer with a freshly created silver tag wants you to think he is. Do not listen to him, of course; the matter has been referred to…powerful friends. The More You Know!

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A little bit more about the WoW job

I’m at BlizzCon (for the first time — was never able to get tickets before but WHO IS LAUGHING NOW) and we’ve just gotten through the first day. At first I thought “How can two days be enough?” Now I’m … Continue reading

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My new job is…

Future partners with Blizzard Entertainment for World of Warcraft®: The Magazine International print launch for subscription-only title devoted to the industry-leading MMORPG debuts this fall Global editions in English, French, German, and Spanish languages to launch simultaneously

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The blog puzzle heats up

So a few people have taken the bait on the blog puzzle in earnest, and I realized that it might be less fun to solve than I had intended. (I do like stumping people, but I really like it when … Continue reading

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Les Paul

Les Paul died today, at the age of 94. Gibson’s announcement is as nice a retrospective as any. I actually had him in a death pool, and he’s the only guy on the list I was not looking forward to … Continue reading

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The Top 3 Stupid Things Print Haters Say

I see a lot of blog posts and forum discussions pointing out what’s wrong with print gaming magazines, and a lot of the same unfair points are raised over and over again. So, fully aware that putting a headline of … Continue reading

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On the BBC again today (tomorrow?)

As a bit of a followup to The Grand Masquerade radio documentary last month, the local BBC Three Counties station serving Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Buckinghamshire is working on its own Masquerade segment tomorrow morning, and I’ll be doing a short … Continue reading

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The blind eye of Dan Amrich?

Joystiq’s Justin McElroy wrote a very fair rebuttal to my last post about the two-week black hole in online news reporting about the GH5 Avatar thing. Not to kiss up, but I actually think Joystiq’s attitude and ethic is as … Continue reading

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