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Update: Halo 3 truly hates me

I played up through the fifth mission on the system I borrowed from GamesRadar before Halo 3 gave me the disc read error — the one most other people are getting, right before The Ark. So no, let’s change that … Continue reading

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Congratulations! Halo 3 doesn’t like you!

So…I’ve had trouble with Halo 3. First, the scratched disc, which led to disc read errors. Then after some testing, the disc read errors seemed to be more about my machine than anything else; the disc played fine in other … Continue reading

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Still not starting to finish the fight

I have a nice pristine copy of Halo 3 now (thank you, Edelman!). But the same problem occurs — on the first loading point, the disc says it’s unreadable, yet multiplayer works fine. Guess that means it’s my 360’s drive … Continue reading

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Kid Nation

I love it. When I was young, I hated how the adult world assumed I was incapable of being trusted, being resourceful, being creative, being positive. Here’s a show that says, look, kids are really really amazing human beings. They … Continue reading

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How not to be an online journalist

Here on my pulpit, I have a simple goal. I hate the “ivory tower” concept, that the press is somehow removed from and better than its audience. At every job I’ve had, I’ve wanted my readers to know that, yeah, … Continue reading

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VH tickets get!

Everybody wants some. I got some. Mike and I are headed out to see the mighty Van Halen in December. Please see accompanying illustration. (Right click and View Image to see it big.)

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I love Eric Clapton…

…but I also have a sense of humor. This makes me laugh until I almost pee myself. Check out his similar, um, riffs on Eddie Van Halen, Metallica, Angus Young, and others.

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The first Halo 3 consumer complaint

The good news is that I got my retail copy of Halo 3 today. Microsoft was very nice and sent out Limited Editions (the black metal two-disc case) for Saturday delivery. Super cool. The bad news is that the game … Continue reading

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Very busy this week, working out of the office, and wondering when the other shoe is gonna drop. Next week I should have random thoughts worth reading.

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Stevie Wonder is God

Well, I’m speechless.

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